Odus Evbagharu
Chief of Staff, State of Texas - Office of State Representative Jon E. Rosenthal

A dual-citizen (United Kingdom and United States) with a Nigerian last name, Odus Evbagharu has been a Houston-native since he was ten years old, growing up in the suburb of Cypress. Always politically aware, thanks to his dad, Odus was enamored with politics in 2008 when a big-eared, half-Kenyan man who looked like him, spoke about change, hope and achieving the impossible. Ever since, he's been hooked. Odus currently serves as Texas State Representative Jon Rosenthal's Chief of Staff for the very House District he grew up in. When he's not in the capitol building, Odus is an active member of the Texas Freedom Network Board of Directors, an organization that has been on the frontlines for decades fighting for progressive change. He's a sports fanatic and political junkie. And it may look like his future is in politics, only time will tell.