Noora Shalash
Community activist

Noora Shalash is a native of Lexington, Kentucky, who passionately advocates for social equity and justice. Her passion towards justice and progressive values is born from being of Palestinian lineage and seeing how the effects of injustice, such that of occupation, create an array of societal torment, externally and internally. She recognizes that the effects of injustice apply globally, and thus recognizes the need to begin fighting towards equity, justice and progressive values, locally, then onward.

She serves as Board Member with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Kentucky Chapter. Established twenty-five years ago, CAIR's mission aims to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil liberties and promote justice. She is also a member of the Lexington Urban League Young Professionals Chapter, whose mission is empowering communities and changing lives. She loves networking and meeting people of different backgrounds and finding common goals and beliefs.

Noora earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry with a minor concentration in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Kentucky. Her choice in Chemistry reflects her love of tackling challenges, analytical thinking and problem solving. She also recognizes the power of understanding and challenging the law, in overcoming institutional injustices, thus instilling her desire to pursue law school.