Nisha Parekh

Born in South Africa during the apartheid regime and raised in Los Angeles, Nisha Parekh’s career has been driven by the desire to identify and dismantle colonial legacy in the modern era and build a just, environmentally sustainable future. Nisha currently works as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Labor where she prosecutes employers who violate federal employment law. She received joint graduate degrees from UCLA in May 2017, obtaining a law degree from the UCLA School of Law and a master’s in public policy from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. She graduated law school with specializations from the David J. Epstein Public Interest Law Program and the Critical Race Studies program. Nisha currently serves on the board of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council, which she joined in October 2019.

Prior to her studies at UCLA, Nisha worked as a researcher, writer, consultant and teacher. Prior to law school, Nisha received a Fulbright scholarship to Brazil where she researched the relationship between Brazil’s exclusion of agricultural workers from its post-slavery labor laws with Brazil’s ongoing racial apartheid. She has been deeply involved in the food justice, local food, and non-GMO movements in Los Angeles as an activist and gardener. She is certified as an LA County Master Gardener, and has helped start school gardens and teach gardening to youth in low-income neighborhoods. She also served as associate producer to documentary film GMO OMG, which explores what genetically modified seeds are and their prevalence in our food system. Nisha holds bachelor's and master's degrees in international relations from USC.