Nicolette Gala Grano
Garden designer and consultant, Founder of Verdant Workshop LLC

Nicolette Gala Grano is the founder of Verdant Workshop LLC where she spends most the growing months planting seeds and plucking weeds for gardens grand or growing. Nicolette is a leading activist for Education Equity and Environmental Justice in New Hampshire with the organization Rights & Democracy (RAD). This work has meant hosting a press conference for the opening session at the state house to present The Peoples' Platform (the collective vision shared by communities of NH and the foundation of the work RAD does) to the State Congress and coordinating with partner-organizations that share legislative concerns to bring them together for substantial actions at Concord's Capitol building.

Several hundred activists from a myriad of organizations joined Nicolette under one banner on the statehouse steps to demand funding for schools from the state to take the burden off local property tax payers. Together, they supported (and challenged) the legislature through the passage of a historic state budget for education funding, and now Nicolette seeks to make that funding permanent and equitable for every student in the state with the help of the deep bench of talent and enthusiasm brought together by that action and other, smaller education meetings across the state.