Nicole Weakley
American National Insurance Company, Client Experience (CX) Communications Specialist

Nicole Weakley has lived in Schenectady, NY, for 10 years. It is a city she is proud to call her home. Having held several professional roles in communications and marketing within the Capital District, Nicole is currently employed by American National Insurance Company, located in Glenmont, where she is a Client Experience (CX) Communications Specialist. She is also a co-founder and member of the company’s first Women’s Leadership Council, which began in mid-2018.

In addition to her professional life, Nicole is a member of the US Water Ski Show Team, a non-profit organization in Scotia. She has held several leadership roles on the team, and is currently heading up the team’s marketing and public relations efforts, in addition to providing coaching and safety instruction to budding water skiers. Nicole is also the Vice President and a Regional Representative for the Eastern Region Show Ski Association, a governing body in the national sport of show skiing. She has organized several water ski tournaments geared toward female empowerment, self-confidence, and building a sense of community. As a skier, Nicole has earned several awards and medals as both a team and individual competitor.

Nicole is honored to be a part of the Capital District chapter of NLC.