Nick Charyk

Nick Charyk is an Upper Valley community member and lifelong Vermonter. Nick has spent the last decade deeply involved in the Vermont political sphere, passionately supporting causes and candidates that share his progressive values. A native of Thetford, Nick returned to Vermont in 2010 after receiving an undergraduate degree from Harvard University. In the time since, he has headed up community outreach in support of successful Paid Sick Days legislation, organized childcare workers for the American Federation of Teachers, served as political director of the Vermont Democratic Party, directed Planned Parenthood’s Vermont Action Fund electoral activities in 2016, and managed a host of political campaigns at the local, legislative and statewide level. Currently, Nick works in the renewable energy sector, advocating for policies that expand the deployment of renewable energy in Vermont. His work helps bring new, bring more efficient renewable energy solutions to market and helps fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions. Nick lives in Sharon in a solar-tracker powered household with his wife Melissa, their two rescue dogs Clove and Gracie, and a sixteen-pound cat named Gus.