Nelson Sederstrom
He/ Him/His
Graduate Student / Masters of Urban Studies, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Nelson Sederstrom is a Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, nearing completion of his master's degree in Urban Studies. His research deals with HIV, specifically related to social determinants of health and other behavior related factors that can lead to diagnosis. Coupled with encouraging new measures of prevention, outreach and care that target populations whom are statistically most at risk, it is his ultimate goal to work with community partners and local/state governments to ensure adequate action where it is most needed.

Before completing his B.A. in Journalism, also from UW-Milwaukee, Nelson grew up in a small town near Green Bay, Wisconsin which played a large part in the constant yearning to explore, learn and encounter new things outside of "the normal." Coming from a perspective grounded in humility is an important aspect of any situation, and one that he carries with him constantly.

After spending ample time in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and other areas of Mexico, Nelson is more than proficient in Spanish and notes the importance of being able to facilitate discussion and action in areas that may not utilize English as a first language.

Certainly, a goal for the future is to put research and data skills acquired during University into action via policy or other methods, either locally or nationally.

In his spare time, Nelson enjoys cooking, distance cycling, tennis, playing chess and is a die hard fan of the band Garbage, also from Wisconsin. Research and passions also include: emphasizing public transportation use, less reliance on personal automobiles, planned economics, re-entry from prison/probation/parole, and the large-scale structure of the universe.