Nathalia Medina
Office Depot DC, Executive Assistant

Nathalia Medina, She is a passionate woman of life and justice. A person with a strong character, but at the same time very noble. She is always working to leave her legacy in life; she understood that nothing is impossible and that is why she keeps moving constantly. She has an exciting combination in her personality because she is adventurous, likes action, but combines it with her seriousness in making decisions. In Nathalia there is no malice, she loves to see the achievements of others. Believe in the potential of people and never hear her tell anyone "you can not" on the contrary encourages you to dare. When you meet her, you know you have her full attention. She does not let a meeting go by as if it were nothing — a dreamy and optimistic person. It hurts the injustices towards animals and vulnerable people.

Nathalia is a Leadership Coach & Radio host. She has interviewed presidential candidates from her native Colombia, and influential people in the state of Florida, politicians, businesspeople, influencers, social leaders, journalists. She has also collaborated on different radio stations Univision, Actualidad Radio, among others.

Her primary objective is to always talk about the importance of being in our society. Live with values ​​but understand that everything starts with an example, that is why every day she reflects on her actions.

She is the VP of Operations of PorColombia the most extensive network of students and professionals with Colombian background in North America. For her is the place where the new leaders are born. Each one is representing the pillars at world level thus showing a renewed face of our society focused in the service not only in the political arena but in each one of the areas in which our members work with the highest level of integrity.  She worked with MIRA USA a non-profit organization that promotes society's well-being and trained volunteers in South Florida about the values that guide us to make the changes in our community.