Natalie Rothfels
Quizlet, Senior Product Manager

Natalie spends most of her time working on programs and products about learning and empowerment. She is a Senior Product Manager at Quizlet, where she leads a team helping people master whatever they’ve set out to learn. She is also a trained leadership coach and works with individuals and teams who are in transition, looking to up-level their impact, or wanting to challenge the status quo of how work gets done.

Natalie is deeply motivated by connection, openness, and irreverence, which means she’s always scheming up a new community-driven social experiments. In the past, this has taken form as dinner salons with strangers, decathlons of 10 nerdy events, podcast creation workshops, and pun-centered costume parties. While these events often seem on the surface as something purely silly and fun, Natalie tends to host also out of deep interest in the sociological aspects of events: what happens when humans gather together to do something new? What kinds of environments do or do not foster connection? How does community- and coalition-building successfully happen?

In the past, Natalie worked as a Product Manager at Khan Academy, was a Fulbright Scholar in Turkey, taught in a bilingual classroom, and helped produce several public radio shows. She has a degree in Linguistics from the University of Chicago and grew up in Sacramento, California.