Mitchell Campany
He/ Him/His
Analyst, Fidelity Investments

Mitchell Campany is a passionate activist who has worked to advance criminal justice reform and LGBTQ+ rights, including being a leader in the effort to ban conversion therapy in Rhode Island.

While at Syracuse University, he was on the board of several clubs and groups. He served as President of Warehouse Architecture Theatre, Vice President of oSTEM, and Treasurer of Pride Union.

After graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics, he worked briefly in North Carolina before relocating to Rhode Island. He has worked on a number of legislative efforts including the banning of conversion therapy, bail reform, and removing the gay/trans "panic defense" for violent crimes. On the legislative side, he has worked on campaign messaging and opposition research.

An avid improviser, he frequently acts in shows at both Wage House Theatre and the Providence Improv Guild, where he previously served as financial director. He has also served as a Delegate to the Marxist Center for Rhode Island Socialists, working on labor and tenant organizing initiatives.

Mitchell works as a software analyst by day, with certifications as both a Scrum Master and Product Owner. He lives in Mount Pleasant with no family or pets. He does, however, have an incredibly comfortable couch.