Miles Wilson
Texas House of Representatives, District Director

Miles Wilson currently serves as the district director for State Representative Chris Turner, where he is responsible for keeping the community connected to its government through outreach and stakeholder engagement. He believes that the best communities are those with the most-engaged citizens. Miles is constantly looking for new ways to get people involved in the political process and to provide them with opportunities to make their voices heard. Having grown up in DFW, Miles has a personal commitment to increasing political engagement across the Metroplex.

Prior to joining Rep. Turner’s staff, Miles was inspired by the runup to the 2016 election and wanted to do his part to support Democratic candidates from the front line. To make that happen, he picked up the phone and, a few days later, found himself in Dover, New Hampshire where he helped coordinate canvassing and phone banking efforts to elect Democrats up and down the ballot as a member of the state’s coordinated campaign.

Outside of the office, Miles continues to serve the community in various ways. He gives presentations on legislative advocacy to organizations across DFW, assists local political campaigns, and volunteers at important community events. In addition to looking for future service opportunities, Miles is looking for ways to make the political process more accessible and to become a more effective public servant.

Miles earned a bachelor’s degree in Government and Philosophy from Claremont McKenna College. In his free time, he can be found judging high school powerlifting meets, studying college football, and traveling—despite being unable to find passable brisket beyond state lines.