Michael Vine
Dallas Independent School District, Staffing Specialist

Michael Paul Vine is on a mission to transform American culture—buoyed by an uncommon background, a fundamental desire for social equality, a near-spiritual dedication to critique and problem-solving, and an urgent pragmatism.

Once upon a time, Michael Paul trained to become an opera singer and teacher. He has since answered the call of other intellectual passions and career interests, and his eclectic experience continues to expand. He currently works as an HR professional for the Dallas Independent School District while pursuing doctoral research in identity, interactional sociolinguistics, and critical discourse analysis at the University of Memphis.

Michael Paul’s broad education and experience affords him a particular facility with necessarily broad political foci. One of his goals is to help progressive organizations engage traditionally disparate groups in the social, civic, and political issues that most immediately concern their lives and the lives of those around them.

To this end, Michael Paul is an ardent advocate for developing and promoting a unifying language for the Progressive Movement, a language to replace the yet tentative, overcautious politics of the Democratic Party. He believes firmly that the discourses of  Democratic politics must be altered to include that of the persistently erased and silenced. To foster deliberate, good faith collaboration between the well-meaning and the marginalized, he recognizes that we must eliminate counterproductive friction between the groups.

Michael Paul has also long accepted that the potential for leadership emerges and fades contextually, according to situation and circumstance, and he would insist that leadership be considered a process, not a position. He would instead encourage all progressives, regardless of title or affiliation, to commit to becoming everyday activists—to unceasingly challenging any behaviors, policies, traditions, and ideologies that do not support or produce meaningful transformation and measurable progress.