Michael Miller
Young People in Recovery, Communications & Chapter Director

Michael was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. After struggling for over a decade with heroin and alcohol use and time spent incarcerated, he began his journey of recovery. Upon entering recovery, Michael resumed a successful career in tech start-ups and after volunteering locally, decided to shift his career towards helping people who use drugs and reforming drug/healthcare policy.  Following his experiences and success working in the treatment community, he transitioned into a role with Young People in Recovery, a national grassroots advocacy organization, as a community organizer and volunteer coordinator.

Today Michael serves as YPR’s Communications & Chapter Director where he coordinates external communications, public relations and directs the organization's volunteer leadership teams across the country. In addition to his work with YPR developing community organizing and advocacy efforts, Michael has served on Alkermes Inspiration Grant review board, serves with several Denver-area Recovery Courts and serves on the Denver Sheriff’s Department Advisory Board. He is currently pursuing his BA in political science. In his personal time, Michael enjoys spending time reading, painting, traveling and enjoying Colorado’s outdoors with his wife Kasha and their dogs Chula and Petey.