Michael Lino Gonzales
Self-employed, Contract Film Editor

Michael Lino Gonzales is a political activist, community organizer, and professional contract film and video editor in Dallas, TX. As a professional film and video editor, Michael’s work has been seen on major cable networks such as HBO and The Food Network. His political activity technically started in 2005 when he wrote a letter to his then-senator, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, asking her to oppose the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005.

However it would not be until 2016 when Michael, energized by the possible outcome of the Presidential Election, would jump into political activism as a volunteer for the Iowa Democratic Party during the general election. In August of 2017, Michael attended a meeting hosted by the North Texas chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and has been heavily involved ever since. Within DSA North Texas, Michael has worked as a member of the Racial Justice, Labor, Healthcare, and Socialist Feminist working groups. Michael primarily serves as the Media Committee Liaison, organizing fellow members to create media, both digital and physical, for internal and external information sharing. He is a dues paying member of the AFL-CIO affiliated group, Young Active Labor Leaders (YALL) who work to build leadership within existing unions as well as provide educational opportunities and participate in solidarity actions with local Unions. Michael is a member of the steering committee for the North Texas Transit Riders, who provide community organizing around public transportation issues and ultimately are building a transit riders union. Michael also volunteers with Trans Pride Initiative, writing letters to and on behalf of incarcerated people.

Michael is driven by his desire for justice. Justice for the economically oppressed, for the socially repressed, for the incarcerated, and for every person whose whole body and soul must be exploited their entire lives for their survival. He believes that a better world is worth fighting for, worth sacrificing for, and is ultimately an attainable reality.