Meredith Pinto
Research Triangle Insitute, International, Public Health Task Lead

Meredith Pinto is a public health specialist who focuses on global health and community development.  She works for Research Triangle Institute, International and supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to evaluate countries progress toward containing outbreaks and developing sustainable public health systems.  She is passionate about applying innovative and sustainable approaches to improve public health concerns across the world.

Meredith’s passion for public health began when she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania where she founded and managed a home-based health care program for people living with HIV.  After graduating from Emory University with her MPH in Global Health she began working CDC’s emergency operations center during the Ebola Outbreak where she helped to coordinate the emergency management response team. Since that time Meredith has focused on working in the public health preparedness and response and traveled to countries to help with them develop country specific plans for responding to outbreaks.

In addition to her work in global health, Meredith has a strong desire to be actively connected to her community in Atlanta.  She is on the leadership board for the Georgia Maternal and Child Health Research Group, an Atlanta based group that seeks to find solutions to the obstetric service shortage in the state.  Meredith also supports local politics and worked as the finance director on a congressional campaign earlier this year and hopes to run for elected office in the future.