Meg Card
State of Iowa; Department of Cultural Affairs, Digital Education Coordinator

Meg Card is developing inventive ways to share Iowa’s rich history with students and educators as digital education coordinator for the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. She works on projects to integrate online curriculum and interactive resources to help teachers across the state meet their history, STEM and literacy needs. She also is a proud union member of AFSCME Local 3450, and is a fierce advocate for fair labor practices and public service. Meg serves as the vice president of College and Young Democrats of Iowa, the state’s largest 36 and under Democratic constituency group, which trains young activists, supports candidates and advances the interests of young adults within the Iowa Democratic Party. Her record in public service also includes serving as a legislative assistant to Iowa State House Minority Leader Todd Prichard in 2018, and developing partnerships with governments, civil society and international bodies as a former program assistant with The Carter Center's Global Access to Information Program. She also volunteers with the ACLU of Iowa. Meg graduated from the University of South Dakota with a B.A. in political science and contemporary media and journalism in 2015. She also likes Gong Fu Tea, Janelle Monáe and yelling at the TV in frustration while watching Liverpool F.C. in the English Premier League.