Mattia Mauré e

An interdisciplinary composer, Mattia Maurée focuses on chamber and large-form classical works, twisted pop, and film. Their scores in critically acclaimed short films have played in twelve countries. Closer to home, they were a finalist in the Mass Cultural Council 2019 Artistic Fellowships Program in music composition, and have a poem installed in Boston City Hall for one year as a part of the '19-'20 Mayor's Poetry Program.

While their primary pursuits can be solitary, Mattia also loves teaching and sharing art in community. This past spring, they taught a 10-week class on cartooning to middle schoolers in Roxbury. They also teach and perform on their primary instruments: violin, voice, and piano. While performing with MIT's Gamelan Galak Tika, Mattia also performed violin and viola solos with the Harvard gamelan. Touring during their two years in the St. Olaf Choir remains one of their favorite performance experiences. Their public-facing art projects have recently received generous support from The Emerald Necklace Conservancy, MASS MoCA, and the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture.

They received a Master of Music in Composition from New England Conservatory, where they studied with Malcolm Peyton, and a Bachelor of Music from St. Olaf College, where they studied with Justin Merritt and Timothy Mahr. John Heiss, another teacher at NEC, called their music, "bold, adventurous, powerful and elegant."

Hobbies include writing, drawing, volunteering for LGBTQ rights and health, and reading. Mattia is passionate about education and self-improvement, and tries to stay active and learn something every day.