Mary Goble
Director of Development, Achieve Now

Mary Goble is the Director of Development at Achieve Now, a nonprofit organization that improves the literacy rates of children throughout Philadelphia. She is responsible for designing and implementing the development and communication strategy to help Achieve Now grow and bring more students to grade-level reading. Her passion for empowering young people through education began when she started her career in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio, where she taught English and social studies to at-risk middle and high school students.

While in Cleveland, she had the opportunity to spearhead many projects to support her students, including building an in-house literacy center for a charter school, developing targeted advisory curriculum for students in juvenile justice, and coordinating supportive services for students with mental health challenges. After moving to the East Coast, Mary taught at a private school where she was involved in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and LGBTQ+ advocacy. Having experience in both the public and nonprofit realms has taught Mary the importance of cross-sector cooperation to achieve intersectional social progress.

In her free time, Mary loves to read, cook, and dote on her husband and rescue pit bull. She graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2011 with her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Education, and will be earning her Master of Public Administration and Policy from American University in May of 2020.