Martha Joseph
Development Associate, Tipping Point Community

With a background in nonprofit management and operations, Martha Joseph has over a decade of experience supporting California's most vulnerable communities. She currently uses her skills as the Development Associate at Tipping Point Community to further their mission to empower growing nonprofits to develop their infrastructure and better serve the Bay Area's most at-risk populations. Before her time at Tipping Point, Martha provided operational and programmatic support at John Burton Advocates for Youth, an organization serving California's foster and homeless youth. Starting as an intern, she eventually worked her way to become the Operations Manager, where she assisted with legislative initiatives, strategic planning and grew their keystone program, the Burton Book Fund, by 400%, expanding it from a local pilot program to a statewide initiative supporting thousands of foster youth at 96 campuses throughout the state.

As a young Latina woman who grew up in the foster care system, Martha is intimately familiar with the struggles that individuals trapped in the cycle of poverty face as they try to improve their lives. With a degree in Education from San Francisco State University, her hope is to use her skills to engage others in the fight for equity. Her guiding principle on progress is best summed up by her television hero, Leslie Knope; in the understanding that "no one achieves anything alone."