Marley Pulido-Vargas
For Our Future Action Fund/PAC, Regional Director

Marley Pulido-Vargas is a movement builder based in Northern Virginia. Marley’s work has been broad and impactful: He’s managed a binational advocacy program, led crucial direct voter contact work during the 2017 and 2018 elections in Virginia, and built a local campaign to end wage theft. Currently, Marley manages voter engagement and partner recruitment with For Our Future Action Fund in Northern Virginia. Marley’s work as Regional Director has resulted in the expansion of Medicaid for 400,000 Virginians, the Democratic victory in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, and several progressive leaders elected to the Virginia legislature. In addition to his work at For Our Future,

Marley also leads La Luchita Project, which facilitates trips to Cuba for community organizers. Initially, Marley’s goal was to build a social justice oriented project that could also be financially sustainable. Today, his dream is to turn this project into an alternative educational space where U.S. and Cuban activists workshop ideas on how working people, queer and trans people, women, and people of color can take leadership in building a politically, economically and environmentally sustainable planet for all. Prior to his work at For Our Future Virginia, Marley worked at the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA). At CDA, he led high-level congressional and business delegations to advocate for bipartisan solutions to U.S.-Cuba relations.

Throughout Marley’s work, he has shown up with the theory of change centered on uplifting the stories of marginalized communities. He developed that theory of change while building a grassroots campaign to fight wage theft in Centreville, Virginia. In coalition with worker leaders, small business owners, and volunteers, he founded the Centreville Commission for Labor Justice. This group aimed to address the root causes of wage theft and to build power with workers who relied on temporary employment. Marley also taught an experiential learning course at George Mason University, focused on the intersection of workers rights and immigration. Marley grew up in Havana and is working to decolonize himself through Afro-Cuban traditional knowledge.