Mario Manago
He/ Him/His
Area Manager, Amazon

Mario Manago serves as an Area Manager for Amazon. As a highly-skilled professional with 13 years of experience in the Operations/Logistics field. Mario has coordinated transportation, inventories, materials, and operations for the Department of the Air Force and Target Distribution while ensuring compliance with regulations and guidelines. Furthermore, Mario possesses strong technical knowledge and expertise in various domestic and international logistics operations relating to commercial, government, and highly-sensitive cargo transport conveyance. Additionally, Mario has established success in building, supervising, and mentoring teams towards meeting timelines and objectives that have significantly contribute to continued organizational success.

In high school, teachers introduced the Declaration of Independence to Mario. He was amazed at the amount of forethought by the Founding Fathers to intelligently create a document that gives every human being the inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. However, without a critical understanding of legislative policies, procedures, and operating practices, our inalienable rights granted by the Constitutional Bill of Rights can be trampled.

After high school, Mario continued his passion for civic education. While attending Valencia Community College, he fostered admiration for politics as a freshman. Mario joined the Student Government Association as the Public Relations Senator responsible for educating and informing the student body about local and state legislative issues that affected them. Later, he enlisted in the Air Force. While serving internationally, Mario upheld his civic obligation to remain knowledgeable on political matters affecting the nation and voting by absentee. He believes in the influence and the power that one vote can make a difference.

Mario is an accomplished communicator with excellent organizational, leadership, decision-making, and time-management skills. He will continue to develop, build, and expand constituent relationships, analyze and objectively summarize proposed legislation for state and federal impact. His commitment to ensuring meaningful social and political reform is not overlooked will be supported by maintaining rapport with legislative committees, private stakeholders, and federal agency personnel.