Mario Benavente
He/ Him/His
Director of Operations; Candidate for JD 2022, Revolutioanry Coworking; NCCU School of Law

Mario Benevente is the Director of Operations at Revolutionary Coworking, current 1L student at NCCU School of Law, and Chairman of Fayetteville's Millennial Advisory Commission. _.

Born abroad at Camp Humphreys, in South Korea, Mario came to Fayetteville, NC after his father's retirement from the Army. A graduate of E.E. Smith High School, and UNC-Chapel Hill, earning a Peace, War, & Defense B.A. as well as a Communications B.A., Mario began realizing his vision to make a positive impact in his hometown in 2018.

His personal and professional goals ultimately reside in Fayetteville, and he is committed to the continued success and genuine progress of his hometown. By focusing on recruiting and retaining other young professionals of his generation to make a concerted investment in the future of Fayetteville, Mario is confident his city can become a coveted destination for dynamic new leaders.

Mario is most proud of his role in drafting the initial charter and bylaws for the Fayetteville Millennial Advisory Commission. The creation of this group has been a great step forward in demonstrating to his peers the crucial role of municipal government, and how important their input is in shaping a progressive city that meets their needs. His growing influence and passion for supporting underserved communities and the Arts, have manifested into opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors for two well-established nonprofits in Fayetteville: Latinos United for Progress, and Sweet Tea Shakespeare. Additionally, as Chairman of the local federated chapter of Young Republicans, Mario has maintained an inclusive group of members, critical of the status quo, who challenge conventional notions of hyper-partisanship in today's political climate.

Each of Mario's endeavors allow him to be an advocate for his peers, and to better connect them to the people and the resources they will need to realize their goals. His ultimate hope is to continue as an agent of change, who is fully equipped to support a thoroughly engaged community in Fayetteville.