Maira Della Pia

Maira Della Pia is a leftist, queer, transgender woman currently seeking new opportunities. She is a relatively recent graduate of Binghamton University, having received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2015. For three years, she worked as a Mechanical and Service Engineer for International Electronic Machines Corporation (IEM), a small engineering firm producing precision measurement equipment for the transportation industry. While working for IEM, Maira regularly traveled to foreign and domestic sites to meet with customers, demonstrate products, and to install and maintain equipment. She also helped to develop and troubleshoot several products in her capacity as an engineer. While her training is geared towards solving physical and mechanical problems, Maira prides herself on her ability to apply engineering principles to other various situations and systems, distilling the essence of problems and finding and weighing various solutions. She has a passion for conveying complex concepts to folks who may not come from technical backgrounds. She describes herself as gregarious, moderately extroverted, and one who strives to be kind and polite to others.