Mai Tran-Lanza
Candidate for MS in Applied Psychology

As a first-generation Vietnamese-British-American woman, Mai Tran-Lanza is driven to be widely involved in work and social tasks that bring about more understanding, inclusion, collaboration, and wellness, across social and cultural intersections.

Mai Tran-Lanza is currently a graduate student pursuing her Master of Science in Applied Psychology at the University of Southern California. Her program enables her to strengthen her knowledge of how psychological principles and research methodologies can be applied to identify and tackle a wide variety of challenges facing contemporary organizations and their employees. Her most potent career goal is to create culture-oriented workplaces where employees are happy, healthy, and motivated.

Prior to starting her graduate program, her interest in how diverse backgrounds manifest in all areas of life led her to a profession where she advocated for historically underrepresented voices. In her former role as Inclusion and Equity Specialist at the Writers Guild of America West, a union for film and television writers, she helped writers find and engage with their community. Through utilizing her intersectional point of view and industry knowledge, she added value to a place where professional communities gather to celebrate, educate, and support one another.

Prior to formally working in the Inclusion space, she used her roles in film and television development and talent representation as opportunities to advocate for underrepresented voices.

Outside of work and school, she enjoys community-building activities, watercolor painting, yoga, cooking, camping, wine tasting, coffee, traveling, and hanging out with her two rebellious but adorable French Bulldogs "Toast" and "Monsieur Ghost."