Lucy Paez
Paez Theory, Brand Consultant

Lucy Paez believes in and looks for the good in the world. Her ultimate goal is to be part of that good. She loves her dogs, spending time with family and friends, going to parks and on hikes, cooking and enjoying delicious food, interesting conversations, learning in all forms and especially about other cultures, traveling, gardening, drinking almost too much coffee, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, trying new things, and observing the world around her -- in no particular order.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit and works as a Brand Consultant for her own small business, Paez Theory. Lucy develops brand strategies and helps her clients define their authentic stories and refine their messaging to better connect with their audiences. She's branded everything from spirits brands and financial groups to nonprofits and pet companies. She truly enjoys branding because she gets a “behind-the-scenes” look at a wide variety of industries which keeps life exciting and ideas fresh. Lucy is especially passionate about her work knowing and seeing firsthand the power stories have to shape our perception.

A graduate of the University of Louisville with two degrees in Business Administration and Spanish, Lucy prefers to consider herself a lifelong learner. In all aspects of life, she seeks understanding and knows the best place to start is to by asking the right questions.