Liz Kramer
Washington University in St. Louis, Associate Director

Liz Kramer oversees the Office for Socially Engaged Practice at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, which serves as a hub and a resource to support collaborative, engaged practices that address systemic social, environmental, and economic challenges in St. Louis. As a human-centered design researcher, Liz explores participatory methods to expose needs and translate them into experiences, services, and environments. She previously worked with clients including Nike, Abbvie, and Vera Bradley. She teaches courses and workshops related to creativity, Design Thinking, and facilitation, in addition to supporting and developing collaborative facilitation processes.

Liz is the self-appointed, unofficial pageant winner of public transportation in St. Louis, Miss MetroLink. In that role, she hosted the inaugural MetroLink Proms and led other advocacy efforts. She is a graduate of Washington University (2008, BS in Mechanical Engineering) and Northwestern University (2012, MS in Engineering Design & Innovation), as well as Archeworks (2011).