Leo Braddock
Children Shouldn't Hunger, Executive Director

Leo Braddock is the founder and Executive Director of Children Shouldn't Hunger, a non profit based around the power of food and mentoring, serving the Kentuckiana region.

After many years in the hospitality world, Leo realized he had more to give after witnessing the high rate of food insecurity and huge workforce shortage in our region. Seeing a natural way to link the two, while empowering communities with skill sets, Children Shouldn't Hunger was born. In the mission lies his belief that hunger is not only a sprawling destructive force in our region, but also a byproduct of many other issues that can be defeated holistically; using cooperative ideas crossing cultural, intergenerational, and socio-economic lines. At the root of this mission lies the belief that all have something to give, and each individual's unique talents are but a moment away from blooming for all to see. Because neither people, nor food, should ever go to waste.

Leo is the husband of Jessica, and together they have 5 brilliantly beautiful kids ranging 2 1/2 to 21.  He is also the oldest sibling of 7, and son of Sheila, a retired Jefferson County Public School teacher.

Currently working on a double major from Indiana University Southeast in History & Political Science, while double minoring in Economics & French, Leo is excited to be a 2019 NLC Fellow, putting his life experience and education to great use.

Leo has a passion for giving back, learning,  equitable policy initiatives, traveling, anything outdoors, good books, wine, food, and meeting new people. Lastly, Leo is also a proud 2018 BMe National Fellow - BWho?!