Leandra Ali Dolsingh
Freelance Writer

A Harvard-trained journalist, Leandra Ali Dolsingh is a narrative nonfiction writer currently based in Florida. She analyzes where the predominant culture and its many subcultures intersect, merging research and storytelling to view societal issues through her unique lens.

Leandra spent her formative years in Ireland, attended high school in the U.S., and university in Canada, graduating with honours while earning a double major in English and Political Science. Throughout her childhood, she also made annual visits to her family's country of origin, Trinidad and Tobago.

Changing locations is a lifelong pursuit. Leandra has visited 45 countries so far, including Latvia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Chile, and she's definitely not done exploring. Preferring extended immersive local experiences to quick jaunts and tourist traps, Leandra is always uncovering insights and seeking stories from her travels. She has held a variety of fascinating jobs and volunteer positions, including teaching elementary school in Perú and working as an outreach coordinator and researcher on a heritage goat farm in Ireland.

Leandra's passion for social justice led her to obtain a paralegal certification with the goal of ultimately attending law school. Just as she received a law school acceptance, an opportunity opened up at The United Nations, an institution she'd long admired. Feeling ready to leave academia in favor of hands-on work, Leandra accepted the internship with the UN. In just two months, she was hired as a communications consultant and resource archivist, doing extensive research and developing multimedia presentations to support the organization's global initiatives. After that, she completed a graduate school program at Harvard University.

Through her writing and graphic design, Leandra seeks to explore the many nuances of race in the U.S. and other parts of the world. She is also deeply interested in writing about mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community. Leandra is passionate about working to strengthen and support citizens to become more inclusive; she believes empathy is her greatest asset, as strengthened by various cultures from the places she's visited worldwide.