Lawrence Yancy
CRYogenic Productions, Music Producer - Artist/Brand Management & Consulting

Lawrence Yancy, from the day he was born, learned of perseverance and hard work. Born prematurely and a Navy Brat in Corpus Christi, Texas, Lawrence’s loving parents would not let  let potential issues, and the demands from the Navy keep them from a happy healthy life. Expectedly Lawrence’s first 4 years of life were full of travel going to San Diego and Poway, California until he settled down across the country in Jacksonville, Florida where he would spend the rest of formative years. Also, as expected, Lawrence beat the health odds. He was a fighter.

Lawrence’s perseverance from birth only blossomed throughout his later years as Lawrence embraced many opportunities for leadership success in athletics as captains of his track and field, basketball, and football teams, from middle school and throughout high school. These qualities were not just reserved for competition on the field. Lawrence pushed himself in the classroom and the community, pursuing the most rigorous academic path he could find, volunteering, and being involved with leadership development programs such as The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation.

While attending the University of Central Florida, athletics took a backseat and Lawrence turned another passion, music. Lawrence wanted to use the skills and knowledge learned to build a strong foundation. In 2012, Lawrence established CRYogenic Productions and teamed up with business partner Self of Self-Inc., to take on the daunting music industry. This path led to many hours meeting new individuals, learning and being mentored by successful veterans in the industry such as Brad Daymond, David Mikeal, and Tommie Jr. Lawrence has never wanted this journey to be a selfish one; always willing to share knowledge with peers about the industry, business, or brand building. Most importantly, Lawrence remembers the support from older individuals he looked up to. There is no better way to say thank you than by paying those deeds forward. Lawrence wants to pass on knowledge, the joy of learning and chasing dreams to the next generation. Whether by visiting his alma mater elementary school, or teaming up with his business partner, Self, on his work with the Youth Advocacy Program (YAP) in Orlando to show how music can be an outlet.

Looking forward, Lawrence wants to continue to build CRYogenic Productions and discover new avenues to become an influential business mogul while creating a positive philanthropic environment to uplift others and future generations.