Lauren Snow
Self Employed, Designer & Digital Strategist

Lauren Snow is an artist, designer, and creative strategist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where she studied design and theatre at the University of Incarnate Word. Lauren has developed her creative abilities across various media, ranging from mastery of oil and digital painting to designing and coding websites.

Her political involvement began in 2013, when she collected community testimony about women’s reproductive rights and delivered it before the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. Since November 2016, she’s applied her digital design and creative skills full-time to national progressive campaigns and nonprofits, specializing in rapid response execution and creative strategy. Her designs have frequently appeared in viral memes for national progressive organizations on issues including healthcare, immigration, and the Russia investigations.

In the aftermath of the Spring 2018 zero-tolerance policies, Lauren worked documenting and illustrating the experiences of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers at different stages of their journey. She’s channeled these experiences into action, organizing art fundraisers and community dialogue events for immigrant outreach across South Texas.

Though a dedicated progressive, Lauren is committed to working in bipartisan initiatives aimed at healing America’s divisions through personal, human connection. She is the designer and digital partner for Living Room Conversations and has worked for many other member organizations of the Bridge Alliance.

Lauren believes that collective creative work can bend the arc of American culture toward justice, and that, through both civic and artistic engagement, we can create a vibrant, beautiful future.