Laura Mitchell
Nurse Practitioner, Youth Villages

Laura Mitchell is a Nurse Practitioner in the Atlanta, Georgia metro region who specializes in providing care for at-risk and underserved youth. She is particularly interested in the social and environmental determinants of health and is passionate about challenging our healthcare system to be more holistic, connected, and person-centered.

Though originally from nearby South Carolina, Laura has traveled the country in the past decade in pursuit of her career goals. She earned a BA in Psychology from Marshall University, where she was a Yeager Scholar, a BS in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University, and an MS in Nursing from the University of California - San Francisco.

After completing her NP program, Laura served as a HRSA National Nurse Corps Fellow at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD. During her time in Baltimore, Laura also held positions as a part-time clinical faculty member at both the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. Following her time in Baltimore, MD, Laura worked in rural Maryland as well as on the Big Island in Hawaii to explore the unique healthcare constraints which exist in rural practice settings.

Though Laura's career steps in healthcare inspired much of her movement in the last decade, her decision to come back home to the South in 2018 - to Atlanta - was more political. Having lived in relatively progressive "bubble" states for the past ten years, Laura started feeling a pull to support the burgeoning progressive efforts in the South, which she saw needed much more in the way of on the ground advocates than the Northeast and West did. Her immediate hope in the political sphere is to become involved as a healthcare policy advisor to a state candidate in the 2020 election. In the more distant future, she aspires to possibly run for office.

In addition to Laura's work in healthcare, and her political advocacy, she is also a passionate organizer in the queer women's space. She is a founder of two social networks focused on community empowerment with over 1000 members each: the Young Queer Women of Baltimore and the Queer Women's Network - Atlanta. For her efforts in Baltimore, Laura received the competitive Baltimore Women in Technology Grant from SmartLogic.

In Laura's spare time, she reads about urban development (she is a devoted Beltline promotor), and travels - 31 countries visited and counting.