Kristian Gutierrez
Lets Go Texas - San Antonio, Director

Kristian Gutierrez serves as the Director of Let’s Go Texas - San Antonio. In her current role, she collaborates alongside Texas Workforce Vocational Programs a Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP). In her role as a CRP she assists the state with securing competitive and integrated employment as well as pre-employment training services to individuals with disabilities in the San Antonio region. It is her fundamental belief that the most effective mechanism for helping her clients reach full integrated potential is to equip them with the necessary tools and training's to advocate for themselves as they contribute to their local communities. She is passionately driven by the idea of connecting with area employers who have a desire to diversify, embrace and change the composites of their local workforce.

She previously worked as a Community Outreach Coordinator for Frank-Hickey Pena Architects in Laredo, Texas, where she focused on The City of Laredo’s 25-year Comprehensive Plan. She worked collaboratively with the City of Laredo, planning team, community members and key stakeholders, to initiate policy change that would empower and encourage local citizens who desired changes within their communities.

Driven by passion for community, Kristian aided in the creation of an Urban Agriculture Ordinance policy and Citizen Committee for the City of Laredo. In June of 2017, Laredo Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability (LUCAS) was created to increase access to local fresh food for low-income citizens and the community at large; offering educational programs that are surrounded by urban gardens, farmers markets and community; with a goal to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for urban farmers.

Kristian graduated from Texas A&M International University with a bachelor’s degree in Mass. Communications and a minor in Political Science. Born and raised on the border of Laredo, Texas, she has an appreciation for her bi-national roots and is passionate about urban planning, equity and social justice issues.