Kimberly Kaplan
Program Manager, CMMI Institute

Kim Kaplan believes that with enough determination, just about anything is possible. As a result, she lives her life with intentionality, seeking to understand herself and the world around her so that she can orient her life in a direction aligned with her long-term vision. She is looking to find flow at the intersection of play, passion, and purpose. For Kim, play is problem-solving, like a game of sudoku or assembling furniture; passion is helping others, such as reviewing homework or being a shoulder to cry on; and purpose is human rights, fighting for all to be treated with kindness and respect.

Having started college at Chatham University in the STEM field, Kim was originally interested in advancing technologies to support sustainable living in underdeveloped countries, but she was soon introduced to new geopolitical perspectives full of struggle and strife. She decided to pursue a pathway towards research and policy influence that could impact people's everyday lives. Her areas of interest have been: access to affordable and quality healthcare, housing, and education.

Kim is currently working on a collaborative initiative with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, medical device manufacturers, and the Medical Device Innovation Consortium to build a culture of quality across the healthcare ecosystem by shifting the focus from compliance to continuous improvement. After achieving success in the first two years, the project will transition from a pilot to a full program in 2020.