Kiersten Curtis
Youth Development Coordinator, Community Development for All People

Kiersten Curtis is a native of Columbus, currently serving as a Youth Development Coordinator at Community Development for All People (CD4AP). She currently manages a new after school program at Siebert Elementary and served the South Side for over 2 years. Prior to CD4AP, she spent 2 years in I Know I Can's middle school team with AmeriCorps. Her passions for educational equity and community safety began with her own journey within the Columbus City Schools system, discussing funding changes while in high school. She graduated from Otterbein University in International Studies, spending time researching educational and healthcare accessibility in underserved/represented communities. Kiersten's background and her fire to serve and help communities in need lead to volunteering with the Columbus People's Partnership, canvassing the West Side on topics like community safety and police relations. Through more restorative practice training, Kiersten learned how to impact community well-being and help advocate for it.

Kiersten plans to obtain her Master's in the fields of public health policy and community development; focusing on how to build community health into economic wealth. Her goal is to continue to advocate greater restorative justice (and trauma-informed) practices in community spaces, and informing public health policies to reflect the needs and assets of our respective communities.