Keri Hunt
CLEAResult, Incentive Processing and Contact Center Manager

Keri Hunt is currently the Incentive Processing and Contact Center Manager working with a nationwide energy efficiency consulting firm.

Keri was born and raised in Freehold, New Jersey and spent the last decade living in Upstate New York and New Jersey working on various contracts for her employer. After being relocated with her husband to the Pacific Northwest with her company, she is beginning engagement within her community to order to expand her opportunities and circle of influence. Keri is looking to return to school to continue her degree in Political Science with a concentration in Environmental Sustainability. From an early age, Keri has been fascinated by law and politics, equal rights and the desire to make change and impact at a high level. This passion was affirmed several years ago during a trip to Washington, D.C. She has continued to cultivate these interests through her career with implementations of various learning opportunities and mentorship programs, as well as participation in her local Environmental Commission and the Center for American Women in Politics, NEW Leadership, Class of 2017.

Through the New Leaders Council, Keri is excited to further her network of like-minded individuals while continuing to develop her interest in Policy and Advocacy, Human Rights and Environmental issues.