Kelly Hubbell-Hinton
KIPP Texas Public Schools - Houston, Grants Coordinator

Kelly Hubbell-Hinton is an advocate for social justice, a creative, an educator, a social worker, and philanthropy professional. Kelly has a personal passion for working with indigenous communities and contributing to her Navajo (Diné) people. In addition to growing up on the Navajo Nation, Kelly has lived in Phoenix, Dallas, Portland, and now Houston.

Kelly’s professional experience includes over ten years in the education and social work settings, primarily within nonprofit organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Arizona State University and began her professional career as a classroom teacher where her eyes were opened to the inequity and lack of holistic services that some schools offered. She left the classroom to explore the creative side of education and spent the next five years involved in arts-integrated instruction and community art programming.

Kelly also earned her Masters of Social Work degree from Portland State University where she specialized in leadership and nonprofit management. Through program oversight for community school initiatives that addressed the many barriers for youth in the education setting, Kelly has promoted opportunities for families to succeed. She has recently entered the grant coordination realm where she finds joy in telling stories for the benefit of strong initiatives for youth to continue. Kelly comes to the New Leaders Council with a focus on diversifying the philanthropy sector and increasing access for underserved communities.