Katherine MacHolmes
Program Partner - Community Engagement + Business Programming, Inclusive Communities

Katherine MacHolmes currently serves as the Program Partner for Community Outreach and Business Programming for Inclusive Communities, an affiliate of the National Federation for Just Communities. Prior to her role at Inclusive Communities, Katherine worked in various positions in the culinary industry, working as a chef-in-training, and can still be caught tinkering around the kitchen and occasionally experimenting with recipes.

Currently, she organizes a community engagement program series, Omaha Table Talk, which provides opportunities for the Omaha and greater metro area community to engage in conversations around social justice themes and issues to open dialogue and build community and achieve understanding. She also has the privilege of working with a multitude of businesses, organizations, nonprofits and municipalities around institutionalizing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice and shifting interpersonal paradigms around how to infuse justice-centered approaches to interpersonal relationships.

As a biracial woman and a nontraditional college student, her approach to her work is informed by understanding the ways in which systems of inequity have been obstacles to her own potential to thrive and this approach informs her world view. Her work as an ardent social justice activist, accomplice and educator in dismantling systemic oppression and theatre actor has led Katherine to become particularly passionate about the ways in which the arts intersect with social justice. The combination of her passions has manifested this year into several new projects that would seek to combine social justice, theatre and community engagement to create new communities of shared experience. Shifting the ideas that we currently hold around talent, creativity and art is just one goal of these new efforts.

Katherine, in her spare time, is a member of several community organizations and leadership programs and can be seen around town auditioning for roles, volunteering on theatre productions, having coffee, laughing loudly and making new friends.