Katherine Deegan
HR Recruiter, Stone Coast Fund Services

Katie Deegan works as an HR Recruiter, helping people find employment at Stone Coast Fund Services in the heart of the Old Port, Portland, ME. Having met Stone Coast at her college career fair and then starting in an operations position, she is now thrilled to have come full circle, representing and recruiting for eager candidates at her alma mater and other colleges.

Katie graduated in 2014 with her MBA from the University of Maine after getting her undergraduate degree in Management and International Business in 2012. While at UMaine, she cut her teeth on recruiting as a Dirigo Tour Guide and Maine Business School Student Ambassador, where she learned about all the different programs available and thought about changing her major many times. Sadly, her high school bio experience prevented her from ever taking the leap. That, and she had no clue what she wanted to focus her studies on, so she went with something that would provide her with transferable skills and a breadth of knowledge. She is ecstatic to have landed in a position where she gets to work with so many incredible beings. In her down time, Katie enjoys many things.

She originally travelled through her love of reading fiction but has since been fortunate enough to travel to many places around the globe. She enjoys a good stretch with hot yoga and flexing her thumbs on the PlayStation. Katie could also teach a master class on binge watching Netflix, or any other streaming service. Six Degrees of Separation is her superpower. Her recent hobbies include embroidering and attempting to replicate Chrissy Teigen's recipes. You can always find ice cream in her freezer. If you are out in public with her, please build in extra time to say hello to all the dogs as Katie will stop and pet each one.