Kaitlyn Morse
Director of Transitional Care, Interim Healthcare

Born, raised educated in Maine and then having left only to return, Kaitlyn Morse has made a choice to call this state "home." Being a young professional in the oldest state in the country has challenges. Kaitlyn has chosen to embrace them.

Twelve years ago, Kaitlyn began her journey in progressive politics as a field intern to the Obama campaign during the New Hampshire primary. On the campaign trail, Kaitlyn recognized the power of motivated optimism and from there she began her career.

Having a motivated sense of optimism has helped Kaitlyn Morse establish herself as one of the youngest business development executives in the aging industry in Maine. Kaitlyn is the director of transitional care for a home health agency that serves the southern half of Maine.

With a rapidly aging population Maine faces significant change. Kaitlyn aspires to help the state expand its infrastructure and build an industry that will sustain this population while engaging professionals of all ages.

Kaitlyn received a BA from Saint Joseph's College of Maine where she met her husband, David. The couple have two toddlers and are both politically involved in their hometown of Westbrook. There is certainly a fair share of chaos but the couple manage to juggle it all with the help of a supportive network.