John Fauerbach
Political Staffer

John Fauerbach is a Montana native and professional political campaign staffer who has extensive experience working in political field operations. John has worked on various campaigns since graduating college in 2015. John has been employed by the Montana Democratic Party, the Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, and multiple federal campaigns. While working on campaigns, John has campaigned for LGBTQ equal rights, affordable healthcare, Montana families, and the fair taxation of small businesses.

John had a genuine Montana upbringing. He grew up in rural Montana near the U.S.-Canada Border. His father worked for the government agency U.S. Customs and Border Protection while his mother stayed at home to raise John and his brother. John's mother and father raised lambs, grew corn, and taught John the importance of respecting others, teamwork, and self-sufficiency. Being raised in rural Montana, John gained insight into a world so few in the political world understand or experience.

John’s hobbies include reading historical non-fiction and philosophical political writings, trail running, yoga, cycling, consuming current affairs, watching The Don Lemon Show, refurbishing electronic devices, weight training, exploring Montana's public lands, and listening to rock, electronic, and metal music.

John didn't start with much in life, but through an optimistic worldview and a relentless work ethic, John continues to achieve success in his professional career and personal life. John is dedicated to self-growth through education, self-introspection, and critical thinking in order to constructively continue his contribution to American society.