Jocelyn Gutierrez
Immigration Program Analyst, CA Department of Social Services

Jocelyn Gutierrez is an Immigration Program Analyst with the Department of Social Services. In her current capacity, she is honored to create and implement programs that focus on immigrant integration in California.

Jocelyn is the first-generation daughter of immigrants from Mexico and was the first in her family to graduate university. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and French and is passionate about world history, languages and cultures.

A highlight in Jocelyn's career has been to go back to the high school she graduated from and work to support first-generation students such as herself. In 2012, Jocelyn organized the first Annual Raza Graduation at McClatchy high school, a bilingual ceremony that is still held today for graduating seniors. In 2014, Jocelyn travelled to Villeneuve- Sur-Lot, a small, rural town in Southern France and strengthened English language curriculum in elementary and middle schools as an English instructor. Jocelyn enjoyed sharing her experience as a first-generation American and enjoyed connecting with students and people from all over the world.

In her current capacity as a government analyst, she is excited to be a lead in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project implementation at the Department of Social Services. In this role, she co-built the Immigration Services Bureaus' CRM system to streamline tedious workflow processes to a modern, data-driven online platform. She is excited about technology and innovation, especially when using it to advance missions around social justice and equity.

In her spare time, Jocelyn likes spending time with her family, hiking, and dancing folklorico.