Joanie Wang
Expensify, Head of Marketing

Joanie is a marketing and communications generalist interested in human behavior and the psychology behind what incentivizes people to action — whether that is increased civic engagement or purchasing a product. A Boston native, she currently heads up marketing at Expensify. Since joining in 2014, she has helped grow Expensify into the most recognizable expense management platform in the space through unconventional means, including ExpensiCon - the industry’s first all-expenses-paid thought leadership conference. She also wrote the industry’s go-to guide on preaccounting, spearheaded the launch of some of Expensify’s biggest initiatives including the ExpensifyApproved! Program, the partnership, and Expensify Australia, and continues to grow Expensify’s brand both globally, as well as locally in Portland, with a world-class team.

Joanie holds a BA from Tufts University, with a double major in International Relations and East Asian Studies. She is passionate about finding creative ways to connect businesses with local community-driven initiatives as a means to build community and increase civic engagement, particularly in the areas of arts and education.