Jessireé;  Jenkins
Transfer Services Specialist; Community Advocate, Aerotek Staffing-Edward Jones

Jessireé Jenkins is as unique as her first name implies, and is as relatable as her last name is common. If you live in the St. Louis area and have visited a public library or attended a cultural festival in the past decade, chances are you have seen her tabling at an event. A community advocate, Jessireé volunteers her time to organizations and causes she is passionate about. She currently works in corporate America, serving as a Transfer Services Specialist.

Jessireé blends her professional background as a former library professional, her interests in technology, civic engagement, social justice, community, self-care, and nonprofits to brighten her corner of the world and to influence change. She believes in the power of intentional communication, communities and the powerful impact that seemingly ordinary people can have. Jessireé has assisted in creating a documentary that tells the stories of select African Americans from the St. Louis area and in planning various events. She is currently the Board President of local nonprofit, A Call to Conscience. She holds a B.S. in Public Policy Administration-Nonprofit Management from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Jessireé also holds a certificate in User Experience (UX) Design from LaunchCode/CoderGirl.

Outside of work, you can either find Jessireé glued to her laptop trying to create an app, with her head in a book preparing for the next episode of her podcast, meandering around the internet looking for underground music, or sitting next to someone and causing them to giggle with her observations.