Jessica Reyes
Paralegal, Department of Human Rights

Jessica Reyes received a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing Education from the University of Minnesota. She graduated with the intention and drive to help communities of color and those less fortunate in any way she could. Jessica has always understood the value of investing in women of color and youth because it was through her mentors' support and encouragement that she was able to accomplish what she has today. Jessica worked closely with the Latinx community as a media consultant at New Publica, a public relations firm in Minneapolis. In addition to this, she has previous experience working in immigration law. This opportunity helped to shape her view on current policy and the importance of representation and accountability in public offices.

Currently, as a paralegal, Jessica serves the constituents of Minnesota at the Department of Human Rights. Jessica enjoys her workplace because it not only closely aligns with her values, it also allows her to work towards making Minnesota a more equitable place to live. As part of the legal team, Jessica works closely with the General Council in order to uphold the Civil Rights Statute. In her role she also holds a certificate of Mediation which allows her to resolve disputes by guiding qualifying Human Right cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution.