Jessica Mayernik
Grant Advisor, Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

Jessica Mayernik is a young professional from Pearl River, New York who attended the University of Rhode Island (URI) where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Economics. During her time at URI, she discovered her passion for advocacy, politics, and nonprofit work as she volunteered on political campaigns and worked for a small political advocacy nonprofit located in Washington, D. C.

Jessica began her career at the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training as the Performance Analyst for the Real Jobs Rhode Island program. Since the program's founding in 2015, Jessica led the practical implementation and administration of data collection and performance strategies to support a robust workforce program. This led to her next position as a Real Jobs Rhode Island Grant Advisor where she now manages seven different industry partnerships in the technology, defense, and finance industries. As a grant advisor, she guides her partners to develop demand-driven training programs to secure Rhode Islanders new jobs. Through this role, she especially enjoys engaging with stakeholders, which has expanded her network with businesses and community organizations across the state. In addition, she has presented the state's workforce strategies in different industry sectors at conferences and on panels.

Jessica is a strong advocate for women's rights as demonstrated by her involvement in the Rhode Island chapter of the National Organization for Women. She was elected Treasurer by the executive board in May 2019. She is enthusiastic about working with an organization that advocates for progressive ideas, including intersectional gender equity, reproductive freedom, gun control and climate justice. In this new role, she enjoys learning about managing the financials of a nonprofit organization including compliance with federal reporting. Her future career aspirations include working in the nonprofit sector to which her treasurer role is providing invaluable experience.

In her free time, Jessica loves to practice yoga, listen to her favorite political podcasts, and test out new recipes.