Jessee Perry
Perry Agency Inc., Owner

Jessee Perry is the owner of Perry Agency which offers a wide range of insurance solutions to fit client's needs. Jessee is also the co-founder of RVA Dirt, which promotes local government transparency and accountability through social media and blog posts. With an education background in political science, philosophy, and communication studies she is a versatile leader who seeks to build bridges across communication gaps in conversation and public debate to facilitate progress. In everything Jessee does, she is a passionate advocate for racial and gender equity.

Having grown up in the insurance industry, she spent her professional life in the corporate business arena consulting small business owners to achieve their goals of success. After achieving great success as a performance management professional, Jessee decided to dive into entrepreneurship by opening her own insurance agency.

Outside of work, Jessee is one of three women who has transformed local politics through the creation of RVA Dirt by empowering people to hold their elected officials accountable with knowledge and access to resources. Her advocacy efforts manifest in different spaces ranging from economic development plans to education but have a common theme of communicating complex issues to help people form their own analysis of proposed policies. Her approach that marries simplicity with wit has breathed a new life into civic engagement in Richmond. Through RVA Dirt’s social media and radio presence, Jessee facilitates new dialogues that foster connection to advance progress in Richmond’s local politics arena.

In her spare time, Jessee develops the next generation of communicators by judging debate tournaments through the Collegiate Forensics Association. She believes her experience on the debate and forensic team in college transformed her to the articulate sought-after communicator that she is today.