Jermaine Brookshire
J.D. Candidate and Teaching Assistant at Washington University School of Law

Jermaine Brookshire, Jr. is a J.D. Candidate in the Class of 2019 at Washington University School of Law with a focus on corporate law. In his second year of law school, Jermaine was selected to be a Teaching Assistant (TA) for Legal Analysis and Reasoning in which he helped first-year law students hone their legal writing and citation skills. Now, in his third year, he serves as a TA for U.S. Law and Methods and works with LLM students who earned their first law degree outside of the United States and exchange students.

Jermaine earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York in 2013. Before going to law school, he served as the Senior Policy Analyst for the Committee on Labor at the New York State Assembly where he worked closely with elected officials to evaluate policy proposals and draft legislation. He also aided the Director of the New York State Senate Democratic Conference Internship Program with program development through his role as Program Advisor.

Above all, Jermaine’s passion is in helping others develop their own sense of purpose so that they too can transcend their circumstances and achieve their dreams despite life’s obstacles. In response, Jermaine founded his own non-profit motivational and personal development organization entitled The Great Expectations Movement, Inc. (GEM). Through his non-profit he conducts workshops for the youth with his goal being to demonstrate the power in taking accountability for one’s life through GEM’s five-step “Gameplan to Success”: 1) Dream, 2) Plan, 3) Execute, 4) Achieve, and 5) Give Back!