Jenny Czubkowski
Candidate for MSW, UW-Milwaukee

Jenny Czubkowski is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is currently working on earning a master's degree in Social Work and a certificate in nonprofit management. As part of her program, she is an intern at the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin. In her role as intern, she is focused on macro level practice, which includes program assessment and development for the organization. At the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin, Jenny's main responsibilities and talents are utilized in redesigning the Women's Professional Image Program. The goal of this program is to provide women with free suiting and job coaching for interviews and employment, empowering them to feel confident as they enter a job interview or the workforce.

In addition to attending UW-Milwaukee as a graduate student, Jenny also works as the Admissions Project Assistant in the Masters of Social Work program. In this role, she works to introduce prospective students to the program and explains the value of social work in today's society. Jenny values social justice, equity, integrity, and upholding the dignity of all individuals: these values reflect using a holistic view to gain a better understanding of the people she serves in her community. As a Student Ambassador for the National Association for Social Workers-Wisconsin, she is a leader to other students on campus for the field of social work.

Her past experience has included an internship in the policy department for Governor Evers and coordinating student assessments for the School District of Greenfield. In the future, Jenny hopes to work towards efforts dedicated to criminal justice reform. These efforts would look like employment in a nonprofit that is invested in reentry services for previously incarcerated individuals; or, this would look like holding a position in public office, pushing for policy change around reform in the criminal justice system.

When she's not working hard as a student or intern, Jenny is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to hike, bike, and camp. She is also an avid reader and baker.