Jen Day
Artis Strength & Fitness, Owner/Operator and Coach

Jen Day is a business owner and passionate advocate for social justice, especially as it relates to gender and race politics. Born in Iowa and raised in LaVista, NE, Jen attended Papillion-LaVista High School. Upon graduation, Jen attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha for two years and, following a non-traditional educational path, returned in 2016 to complete a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Jen went on to participate in graduate studies in Gender and Women’s Studies through a distance learning program with Western Kentucky University.

Jen opened Artis Strength and Fitness in 2013 with her husband, Jon. Since opening, the business has steadily grown and become a successful fitness facility offering a variety of classes. Jen coaches olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, and conditioning classes, as well as performs the daily business functions of correspondence, marketing, finances, and managing their team of six coaches. Jen is an Eleiko Certified Strength Coach and USAW Sports Performance Coach. Her favorite aspect to coach is olympic weightlifting, which she competed in as an open athlete for several years and as a masters athlete at the Masters World Championships in 2016. In addition to the classes they have, Jen and Jon hold several fundraising events throughout the year to benefit organizations such as Open Door Mission/Lydia House, Red Cross, Humane Society, and many more. Jen has always been an advocate of giving back to the community that she serves and expanding her outreach by leveraging her influence as a business owner.

Jen is the current Vice President of the Friends of Planned Parenthood Board and is also Co-Chair for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s annual fundraiser, Moxie, in 2019. Through being a member of the board for four years, Jen has become a strong advocate for reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, comprehensive sex ed, access to healthcare, and ending discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. She is equally passionate about resolving the issues with systemic racism and white supremacy that she believes plague the United States, and is a fierce proponent of public education. She can occasionally be found bringing these interests together at school board meetings, where she advocates for the aforementioned issues to be mitigated by updating curriculums and arming students with the knowledge and skills to create a healthier, safer society for all.

Jen attended the 2016 Nebraska Democratic State Convention as a State Delegate for Legislative District 49, and was also a Candidate for National Delegate. She enjoys spending time volunteering with local political campaigns, traveling, drinking wine and trying new foods, and spending time with her husband, Jon, and their two children, Canyon, 10, and Noah, 6.