Jeanét Moore
Contract Specialist III, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Jeanét Moore is a public sector procurement professional with a passion for exploring, learning and disseminating culturally-relevant mindfulness techniques with her peers to inspire and promote building healthy habits and self-care practices, and healing from past trauma.

As an Oakland, California native, Jeanét has quite a story of resilience, as she grew up in poverty as a child abuse survivor. With intense determination, she recognized how her past experiences influenced the way she showed up in the world, and embarked on a quest to improve her impact within her community.

Believing that it first begins with ourselves and how we model our lived experience, Jeanét sought to gain a thorough understanding of the beneficial impacts of activities such as support groups, meditation, exercise, and a disciplined approach to practicing healthier habits. It was through her love of learning that she developed and honed her skill of facilitating peer support sessions and one-on-one coaching.

With a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Language and Culture Studies, concentrating in Chinese, and a Business Administration minor from the University of the Pacific, Jeanét became intrigued with how individuals behave in systems such as organizations. Following that interest led her to obtain a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies from St. Mary's College of California.

In her spare time, Jeanét loves to exercise and is an avid music-lover. She also enjoys going on nature walks with her young daughter.